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RTB-Team at

RealTimeBattle Website

RealTimeBattle at

RTB Team CVS Webinterface

FMC Introduction by HPI

RTB Team: documents on (mostly for developers)

short list of tips regarding usage of CVS

C++ coding standards

experts and contact persons

allowed filetypes for the RTB Team Framework project


indent is a tool that can help you to format your code according to the coding standards

LaTeX is a text setting system, that should be used to generate non- source code documentation

kdoc / doxygen
one of these tools should be used to generate the files out of your source code documentation

cvsutils / cvs (cvsutils) (cvs)
these tools can be used to access the CVS repository (you can also use Source Navigator or Eclipse for that job)

GnU C++ compiler should be used to compile your code

the secure shell and its friends (e. g. scp) are essential to transfer files with CVS to sourceforge, to modify the web site and to work on the compile farm

the GnU debugger should be used to debug your application (Eclipse and Source Navigator provide graphical frontends)

the GnU profiler can be used to find out performance bottlenecks in your code

make is used for building the software system out of the different modules (the Makefile is usually generated by Eclipse or Source Navigator)

package for drawing directed (tool dot) and undirected graphs (neato), some problems with the layout, see dot files for examples

commercial package to create FMC diagrams with the FMC stencils

umbrello / argouml (umbrello) (argouml)
umbrello can generate / import C++ code out of / in UML diagrams, argouml is more mature but limited on Java Code generation

Source Navigator
tool to develop, modify and to ANALYSE complex software systems

tool to develop complex software systems, needs C++ plugin, should only be used, if source navigator is found to be unacceptable

Other Resources

PlanetRTB - RealTimeBattle