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The RealTimeBattle-Team-Framework consists of abstract facilities that support the distributed algorithms of the robots in every possible aspect:

  • program initialization facilities
  • master resource control facility
  • configuration parsing facilities
  • RTB Server parsing facilities
  • advanced logging facility
  • IO manager facilities (connections to the client / Master Server / RTB- Server)
  • dataflow and synchronization facilities ( implements a certain type of discrete control loop)
  • abstract finite state machine facility for the strategies with many helper functions
  • abstract states with many helper functions
  • RTB Server constant repository
  • data structures for managing the local and remote clients
  • exception types and exception handlers
  • namespaces for the different packages

Tasks in this field are/were:

  • designing the framework with the help of the UML diagrams, petrinets, er-diagrams and block diagrams and implementing the models
  • testing the framework with the strategies and improve the performance
  • write documentation about the framework with the focus on the applied design patterns (created diagrams should be included in this documentation)

Publications of the Framework Team: