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Subject of the Analysis Team are the RealTimeBattle sources version 1.0.6.

The main goal is to understand the RealTimeBattle server in its function, behaviour and the related data flow and the applied object oriented model, but also the framework and the strategy group can only profit from the results.

Aspects to investigate are/were (for example):

  • structure and behaviour of the graphical interface
  • protocol used to communicate with the clients
  • protocol used to communicate between subsystems of the RealTimeBattle Server (e.g. between logic and GUI)
  • "realtime" calculation of the actions going on the playing arena
  • structure and behaviour of the discrete concrete loop that simulates the "ongoing time" in the system
  • important objects and their correlation in the arena
  • logging concept
  • data structures and their implementation used for the RTB server
  • parsing of client messages in the server
  • underlying physical model to simulate the reality (results very important to the strategy group)
  • low level communication between server and clients
  • time slice calculation for the clients
  • structure of the logging files used to replay a game
  • namespaces used to separate the subsystems
  • bugs and security holes in the code (expert job)
  • internationalization (multi language support)
  • building process (expert job)
  • configuration file parsing / generating

Design patterns, FMC and UML will be used to describe the object oriented concepts applied by the developers of RealtimeBattle. At the end, the whole group will write a document that summarizes the analysis results, includes the created diagrams, discusses advantages and weaknesses of the design and perhaps proposes some alternatives.

Below you can have a look at the publications of the Analysis Team: