Chapter 2.1 - The Brotfrucht strategy

The first strategy that is developed to show the abilities of our framework has the name "Brotfrucht". The name is an idea of the contact person of the strategy group whose comment was: "this strategy is dumb like bread". As you can guess easily from that comment, the strategy is very simple. But it shows many possibilities to work with the framework and gives a good introduction for the first contact with a strategy in the RTB Team.

Because many things in this manual are explained with the Brotfrucht strategy, you should have a little overview of the way of acting of that strategy.

When starting, all robots are in their initial state. That means, the master server is in and "DoNotRotate" and the clients are in "ShootHalfState".

Before anything has happened in the real match, the server has made a list with the names of all team members. These names are stored in a repository (SharedServerSpecificReposity).

The server itself stores during the whole match its position in the InternalServerSpecificRepository and logs that position when getting hit.

During the match, the server switches between the state "DoRotate" and "DoNotRotate". That means he will start to rotate when getting hit until it is getting hit again. These events of getting hit are also logged to a requested logger.

During the whole match, each client counts the number of times, it has been hit or collided. This number is stored in the ClientSpecificRepository.

When starting a match, a client is in the "ShootHalfState" which means, he will just shoot in the specified frequency with 1/3 of the available power. When loosing a team mate, the other clients switch to "ShootTwiceState" and is doubling its shoot frequency until another robot dies.