Chapter 2 - How to write a strategy?

This Chapter gives an introduction On writing a strategy. At first, you will learn something about the example strategy called "Brotfrucht". Then, we step over to the different classes of a strategy. They will be described abstractly and explained by having a look to that strategy. Finally, you can get some tips for writing an own strategy and get an overview over some framework provided resources.

petri net of a round in the game Before getting started, we have a look at a normal (client) round in the game again. As you remember, all recieveRTBMessageXY() are processed. After all these messages arrived, roundFinished() occurred. Finally, the client reacts to all ServerTips and can send information to the RTB Server by calling sendRTBMessageXY(). Have this figure in mind when developing, it might help you to realize, when which method could be handled.

The server round does not differ very much from this figure. But within all the described methods, it can release server tips by calling sendServerTipString() (for sure, all methods begin with server instead of client).

What you do in all these methods, that is your strategy!

And now, let's begin ;)