Chapter 1.1.2 - What is the Realtimebattle-Team Framework?

RTB-Team is a C++ framework and a collection of strategies for roboters of the programming game RealTimeBattle in order to play in a team and communicate in an efficient way. The whole package depends on RealTimeBattle version 1.0.6.

This is the user manual for RTB-Framework. After you read this documentation, you should be able to write your own strategy (in the framework context you could call a strategy a robot, better a team of robots). It surely takes some time to fully understand the internals of the RTB Team-Framework, but this is not necessary to write a strategy for it because most of the actions and difficult things are done automatically in the background, the framework does all the nasty things like parsing, logging, connection handling / io, initialization, exception handling, control flow / configuration / memory management; as strategy developer you can fully concentrate on the interesting things: developing robots for RealTimeBattle that can play in a team.

This howto will tell you about the most important things you should know when writing a strategy for the framework. If there are questions left, look into the source code, the corresponding documentation and the design diagrams or the RTB Team-Framework Class Index provided on our web site (section framework). If you have not found your answer there, do not hesitate to contact our mailing list or send a mail to the corresponding developer (see members and contact person section in the source forge documentation manager).