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RTB-Team News

Tutorial updated
Thu, 13 Jan 2005 20:50:27 GMT
The tutorial how to write strategies and how to use our framework was extended and overworked in this week.
Perhaps, the most notable addition is a section about the different loggers that are available for the framework and how to use them for your own code.

You can find the updated document as always in our documentation section on our web site:

Special thanks to David and Tino who have made this new version possible.

Johannes (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

The robots start competing again, team support now possible
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 19:02:44 GMT
We are very proud to release the first version of RealTimeBattle that is maintained by our group.

In the extended edition you can see our robot strategies "brotfrucht" and "empty". We also included a nice tutorial how to write robots that can cooperate in a team.

Do not miss the other features like the joystick bot that can be used to testify the efficiency of our strategies.

for details. (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

RealTimeBattle Team Framework Release 1.0 ready
Sat, 04 Dec 2004 15:42:23 GMT
While the official release of RealTimeBattle 1.0.7 will be in the next two weeks, the source parts of the framework are already complete, so we can release them now.
The biggest changes made in comparison to the first full working release are the autoconfiscation steps taken to automate the configuration and installation of the software package.
If you specify the same prefix for configure as for RealTimeBattle itself, this package will install its sample robots in the correct places.
Configuration and deployment of the robots is done via scripts, so that you do not have to write your own configuration and wrapper files for the framework components any longer (if you like, you can proceed with this option of course).
Please note that this release only includes the sources and configure scripts, additional information (tutorials, online help, etc) will be shipped in the RTB 1.0.7 release and later releases of this package (you can find these resources on our web site as well).
Please also note, that you need a patch for the RealTimeBattle server in order to use this software, this patch is included in the first working release and will be applied in the RTB 1.0.7 release as well.
A last hint: Use absolute coordinates for the robots written with this framework, otherwise they won't work.

Have a lot of fun!

Johannes Nicolai (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

We take over realtimebattle
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 18:50:16 GMT
Today, we received a mail, that we are allowed to overtake the
realtime battle project on sourceforge. This is a great honor for our group and we try to make out the best of this challenge.
We will focus on updating the web site / documentation, removing the bugs of version 1.0.6 and adding our documentation to the project. Furthermore, we will release a version of realtime battle bundeled with our framework code.
Of course, realtime battle will stay independent from our framework.
The development of the new version of realtime battle is not a main task of our group, but of the old maintainer of the project who will naturally stay in this position.
We hope, that we can work hand in hand and profit from each other.
In the next weeks, we will investigate the project, release a version that will fix the worst bugs and update the documentation. If we have something really new, we will let you know.

Johannes Nicolai (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

Online help ready now
Fri, 15 Oct 2004 19:47:10 GMT
Finally, we also have an online help generated out of source code (tools: doxygen and kdoc). The versions are not the perfect ones now, but we will improve the quality soon.
You can find the documentations in the directory generated_documents on our web site. (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

First working version online
Fri, 15 Oct 2004 19:44:57 GMT
Finally we have made it: The first strategy (brotfrucht) is ready now and can be tried out. Don't expect too much it is only a strategy to demonstrate the framework, but it works perfectly as we specified it.

Simply try it out and begin to write your own strategies.

Johannes Nicolai (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

How to write strategies
Thu, 07 Oct 2004 18:25:59 GMT
Today, I have written a tutorial containing all information you should need to write your own strategy. You can find the file in the documentation manager section tutorials. (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

Announcement about file release
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 20:51:49 GMT
On 9 / 21, we will make our first file release containing a complete first version of our framework including IO Factory, generated documentation, corresponding design documents and a building script.

All changes to th framework should be submitted till 9 / 20.

Johannes (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

New development state, file release at the end of the vacanc
Sun, 22 Aug 2004 20:16:13 GMT
Since the core components of the framework are ready now, we have switched to the alpha state now.

This change will be reflected by a new CVS tree and a first fiule release of the framework with generated javadoc at the end of the summer vacancies. (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)

Framework ready up to IOFactory and SampleStrategy
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 11:08:15 GMT
Finally, the point is arrived now, where we can link the rtb-frame work executable and let it run. The core components are ready now and working. To test the framework, we still wait for the completion of an IO factory and a sample strategy (both in work and will complete this summer).
After this, the framework can be used to test the "real" strategies for our robots. (0 comments) (Johannes Nicolai)