Our experiences with KDOC - Documentation Extraction and Generation Tool

Statements from the developer:Similar to javadoc, this is a documentation generator for C++ and IDL, capable of generating docs in a variety of formats. ... KDOC is implemented in perl, which makes it relatively easy to add transformations to the abstract syntax tree created by parsing the source interface files.“

We used KDOC 2.0a54 under Linux to generate source code documentations in html format for RealTimeBattle and for the RTB-Team-Framework. Before working with KDOC we tried doxygen and we heard that this tool was used to generate the KDE API reference. So our expectations were very high.

KDOC produced a class index and hierarchy, an annotated list of all classes, a list of globals and a file index. From these overviews you can navigate down to the particular classes and its artibutes and methods. KDOC sumerizes the object oriented structures in the source code. It is a good tool for building up a basic reference for something like an API especialy if javadoc-comments are used in source code.

For a documentation with much more features including UML diagrams, a search engine or browseable source code we suggest using Doxygen.

KDOC Website & Documentation
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Documents we made with KDOC:
RealTimeBattle-Documentation generated with KDOC
RTB-Team-Framework-Documentation generated with KDOC