CVS under Windows using WinCVS and OpenSSH

by Falko Menge and Gregor Gabrysiak

Under you can download a manual wich helped us getting started.
The WinCVS Web site is located at: The site provides links to download the client software as well as documentation to get you up and running with using CVS to manage your projects.
The CVS Web site provides software downloads as well as all the necessary documentation to get you familiar with the software. The URL is:

  1. Download and install OpenSSH for Windows from

  2. Make sure that the path where you installed OpenSSH in is set in the PATH variable and set the variable HOME to the directory which contains your Profile.

  3. Now we generate a pair of ssh-keys. Therefore open a command line window (the MS-DOS Prompt).

  4. Go to and copy the whole content of the file into the text-array and upload it.

  5. Go to and download the latest recommended release (you should download the „normal“ installer, not the „bare“ one). At the time of writing, the newest version was WinCvs 2004-05-21)

  6. Now it's time to do an initial checkout. Therefor you go to to the „Remote“-menu and choose „Checkout module...

    Just enter the name of the module you want to check out and the folder you want to store the files in. After clicking OK WinCVS will create a local working-copy of the selected module. If required repeat point 6 with the other modules you want to work with.

    Now the initial work is done and you can continue with adding files, committing changes or updating your local repository with the changes of the other users.

    Note: You should add binary files like images with the binary option. Therefor you select the binary file(s), go to to the „Modify“-menu and choose „Add binary